The National Museum does not have space for accepting new exhibits

The National Museum of Kosovo does not have enough space to develop its activities, due to the fact that the Archaeological Institute of Kosovo and the Administration also function within this building. From this institution they say that it is difficult for them to accept new exhibits, because the condition of the warehouses and laboratories is not favorable. Meanwhile, the "house" of archaeological artifacts is awaiting the approval of the project, which includes the renovation of this building. The tourists also say that the Museum needs changes, who said that there is a lack of lighting and ventilation.

Director of the National Museum of Kosovo, Vjollca Aliu told KosovaPress, that currently the priority is the approval of the project for renovation, which will positively affect the further acceptance of archaeological exhibits.

Aliu stated that she responds to requests for new flows only with temporary exposure, since according to her, the current state of the warehouses does not allow anything more.

Meanwhile, while tourists appreciate the National Museum of Kosovo as an interesting building, they emphasize that changes should be made to it. 

The tourist from the United Emirates, Mohammed, told KosovaPress that the history conveyed by this museum is interesting, but he points out that changes are needed in terms of lighting and ventilation.

Likewise, the visitor from the United Kingdom, John Anderson, expressed that he is curious to know more about the history of independence.

Meanwhile, the curator at the National Museum of Kosovo, Mimoza Goqi, says that until August of this year they welcomed about 17 thousand visitors from different countries.

It also gives details about the entire exhibition collection they have, starting from the prehistoric period up to the declaration of independence of our country.

Thus, the National Museum of Kosovo, opened since 1949, is one of the oldest cultural and historical institutions in Kosovo. The collection of this museum includes archaeological discoveries, historical documentation, ethnographic artifacts which reveal more about the Albanians' stay in these territories over time and the most important developments in Kosovo and their course.

Meanwhile, this museum is going through a challenge, regarding the return of 1247 archaeological artifacts from Serbia to Kosovo, taken during the 90s.

Until now, from this treasure of artifacts, only one of them has been returned to Kosovo. The "Goddess on the Throne" is an exhibit dating from the fourth millennium BC and which was found in 1956 in the "Tjerrtorja" locality of Pristina.

The National Museum of Kosovo is open throughout the week, except Mondays, from 10:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.