Moisiu: The Serbian-Russian alliance is hindering Kosovo’s integration into international institutions

Moisiu: The Serbian-Russian alliance is hindering Kosovo’s integration into international institutions

The former President of Albania, Alfred Moisiu said that Serbia, with the help of Russia is hindering Kosovo towards its membership in international institutions. Speaking at the Balkan Leadership Conference “Peace, Security and Development in the Western Balkans”, organized by the Universal Peace Federation, Moisiu said that the endless prolongation of the frozen conflict between Kosovo and Serbia does not serve regional stability.

According to the former president of Albania, the European Union itself should set rules for member states, while adding that the non-recognition of Kosovo by the five member states is an inspiration for Serbian politicians.

“The European Union must set rules for the member states, it is a voluntary union, it has its own principles, but we must understand the basic problems. Because there are not a few, but five European Union member states that do not recognize Kosovo, this absence, in my opinion, is anomalous but inspiring for Serbian politicians, Russian politicians. Lavrov often mentions Kosovo, it is not clear whether he mentions it as an exchange currency or as a historical fact, it could be both”, he said.

Moisiu said that the connection of the Serbs with the Russians, against Kosovo, is continuing and they are hindering the state towards the international path.

“Unfortunately, the connection between the Russians and the Serbs against Kosovo continues, the Russians are making diplomatic efforts at the international level to prevent Kosovo’s membership in international institutions. While the Serbs organize constant provocations on the border with Kosovo, in order to keep alive a frozen conflict, because this is a frozen conflict. Now, the question is how long this situation will continue and should it be allowed further, of course it should not be allowed, for this everyone should be committed, we are all worried about this, I repeat we do not have to create unnecessary tensions but even the endless procrastination does not make sense and does not serve the stability of the region”, he said.

Moisiu said that the statements of Serbs that “Kosovo is Serbia” have no historical meaning.

“We see that Serbia is being armed, it is being armed by Russia, now also by China, I do not know now who is afraid, because the countries that surround it are Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, most of them are in NATO, we do not intend to ask for or receive anything, so why, at a time when it is known that the military idea of authoritarian countries is that we will protect minorities where they are. All this should worry us, we should put order in speaking, influencing and acting”, he said.

This conference is organized by the Universal Peace Federation, in partnership with the KosovaPress News Agency, the Washington Times Foundation, the International Media Association for Peace (IMAP), and the International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP).

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