Doctors from Turkey with the local staff operated on 12 children at KKUK

Doctors from Turkey with the local staff operated on 12 children at KKUK

Doctors from Turkey, in cooperation with the staff of doctors and nurses from the clinics of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (QKUK), have performed 12 cardiosurgical operations on children and 26 cases in the catheterization room within the Cardiology Clinic.

Operations and other interventions are continuing today.

The general director of the SSKUK, Elvir Azizi, today hosted the experts from Turkey, whom he thanked for the excellent work they have done and are doing in the treatment of Kosovar children.

"During the meeting with the doctors and other staff from Turkey, they expressed their satisfaction that they had the opportunity to treat the children from Kosovo, expressing their thanks also to the local staff of the clinics who have shown themselves to be very cooperative", says the KKUK announcement. of.

The team of doctors is staying in Kosovo in cooperation and support of the organization Muntada Aid, Kabir Miah, while the coordination of the work was done by dr. Ramush Bejiqi.

According to the announcement, another delegation of doctors and experts from the United States of America is expected to come to Kosovo in September, to operate on other children who have heart problems.

"These collaborations are being made possible within the plan of the Ministry of Health and ShSKUK for the treatment of children and the development of services related to the provision of the highest quality services to citizens", the announcement states.

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