Minister Krasniqi: No petition has yet been launched for the dismissal of the mayors in the north

The Minister of Local Government Administration, Elbert Krasniqi, has said that he has not yet started any petition from the citizens in the north for the dismissal of the mayors.

Even though it has been about two weeks since the entry into force of the administrative instruction that enables the dismissal of the mayors in the north through petition, Krasniqi said that the legal obligations for the removal of the mayors have been fulfilled and that now it remains in the will of the citizens there to start the steps away. He underlined that all the calls for the resignation of the presidents in the north, including the international ones, are demands of Belgrade.

He emphasized that the elections in the north should be organized only through the petition, which, according to him, testifies to the functioning of democracy in that part.

Speaking about the ongoing demands of the EU and the USA, who want stronger guarantees from Kosovo for the elections in the north, Krasniqi said that they have fulfilled all the commitments of the Bratislava agreement for the extension of the situation in the north.

The European Union today, through a press release, has requested the full extension of the situation in the north and the organization of elections there as soon as possible.

Minister Krasniqi made these comments to the media after the failure of his report to the Commission for Public Finance Supervision.

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