Mehaj: KSF is increasing its capacities

Mehaj: KSF is increasing its capacities

The Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj, has emphasized Kosovo’s commitment to coordinate with allies regarding peace and security challenges. He said that Kosovo is cooperating with partners for the integration processes, in particular the goal of membership in NATO. He spoke at the annual conference “KSF and Partners” in which Kosovo’s allies have declared that they will continue to support the Kosovo Security Force in the transition process.

The Minister of Defense said that the KSF is increasing its professionalism and capacities.

He mentioned the participation of the KSF in the first peacekeeping mission as well as the involvement in the largest field exercise, Defender Europe 2021.

While the director of the Advisory Liaison Team of NATO with the KSF (NALT), Brigadier General Joachim Hoppe emphasized the importance of the cooperation of the KSF with the partners, for which he said that the transition plan cannot be achieved without their involvement.

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