LDK honors Colonel Ahmet Krasniq with the "Ibrahim Rugova" decoration

The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) held a commemorative academy on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the assassination of the former Minister of Defense of Kosovo, Colonel Ahmet Krasniqi.

On this anniversary, the chairman of LDK, Lumir Abdixhiku has honored the Krasniqi family with an "Ibrahim Rugova" decoration for the contribution of Colonel Krasniqi.

Abdixhiku called Krasniqi an intellectual with patriotic values.

Abdixhiku he also said that the "Ibrahim Rugova" decoration for the Krasniqi family will serve for all future generations.

Meanwhile, the former Minister of Defense, Rrustem Berisha, said that the military figure of Krasniqi has a background with a patriotic family. He said that Colonel Krasniqi during his journey had many challenges which he overcame with his wisdom.

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A documentary about the life and work of Colonel Krasniqi was also shown at the memorial academy. Ahmet Krasniqi was killed on September 21, 1998 in Tirana while the perpetrators of the murder continue to remain unknown since that time./A. Drenica/

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