Krasniqi: There is no slogan that changes our reality

Krasniqi: There is no slogan that changes our reality

After the provocations made by Romania's fans towards Kosovo in the match between these two countries in Bucharest, which brought about the interruption of the match, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Memli Krasniqi, reacted.

Through a reaction on Facebook, he said that since February 17, Kosovo is an independent state and that there is no slogan that can change this reality.

Here is Krasniqi's full reaction:

Since February 17, 2008, Kosovo is an independent state, meanwhile, since May 3, 2016, Kosovo is a full member of UEFA. Political slogans, fascist choirs, whistling and swearing at our boys and Kosovo in Romania - they don't stop us.

Kosovo, as a state and as a national football team, will be proudly presented all over the world, even where they don't want us and especially there. We have worked hard for this day and we do not give in to the little turbofolk fascists. Kosovo is eternal!

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