Krasniqi: We have not been notified of any initiative to remove the mayors through a petition

The Minister of Local Government Administration, Elbert Krasniqi, has said that so far they have not received any information that the citizens in the north have addressed the municipal assemblies to inform them about the initiative to remove the mayors through a petition.

However, he said that within a month they managed to draft the administrative instruction which foresees in detail the procedure for the removal of the chairpersons through the petition.

"Until this moment, we have not received any information from the chairman of the Municipal Assembly, that a group of citizens has gone to him to inform him and other authorities that an initiative has been started to remove the mayors of the municipalities through a petition. Important in this process is how the Government has shown good will and within a month we have drafted an administrative instruction with very high standards, which foresees this procedure in detail", said Krasniqi.

Krasniqi spoke after the meeting that Prime Minister Albin Kurti and line ministers held with the mayors of Kosovo's municipalities.

"We had several topics of discussion which we also raised at the central level, as well as the requests and concerns raised by the mayors of the municipalities, also through the president of the Association of Municipalities, as well as individually", said Krasniqi.

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In this meeting, Kurti promised the mayors that next year the total grant for the municipalities will be around 250 million euros, which according to him is a record value like never before. / E. Krasniqi

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