Krasniqi: The government wants a clash

Krasniqi: The government wants a clash

The Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Memli Krasniqi, has said that through a scandalous and insulting statement against veterans and journalists, inciting above all, the Government of Albin Kurti is looking for a clash.

Krasniqi wrote on Facebook that only a failed, irresponsible and conscienceless Government, through its actions, seeks violence among its people.

"Veterans have warned today of a peaceful protest, to demand respect and dignity from a Government that is discriminating against them at every step and decision. Precisely, to escalate this protest so that our veterans face the police, their own brothers and sisters, a minister without character like Jelal Sveçla comes out with such insults and incitements. This Government has lost its reason. He has lost his way. As throughout its history, it seeks salvation in civil strife. Big shame! Great disaster. Anyway, this is just a low attempt of the Government, failed at the same time, to take the attention away from the coordination of Albin Kurti with Millan Radojciqi, through the head of the Parliamentary Group, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, through the next incitement and scandal. he wrote.

Krasniqi emphasized that the wiretapping proved who is coordinating with whom and collaborating with whom - even to the detriment of the country's interest.

"I invite veterans and all participants in today's protest for restraint and calmness. Do not fall prey to this anti-national orchestration", he wrote.

Alternatively, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Jelal Sveçla during the day he wrote on Facebook that Vuçiqhe is losing the battle on the ground with Kurti, that is why he is returning to the hybrid war to try to incite riots in Kosovo through the mechanisms he has under his control.

"He is losing influence in the north of Kosovo because his main criminals have been arrested, his smuggling routes have been closed and his drug laboratories and cryptocurrency farms have been destroyed. His arms are weakening because his right-hand man and the main man who maintains the connection with Moscow, Alexander Vulin, was sanctioned by the USA a few days ago. Belgium and Great Britain suspended its licenses for the production of armaments, under suspicions that it had also supplied sanctioned Russia with ammunition and armaments. In Belgrade, every Saturday for several weeks now, there have been massive protests demanding his resignation, and it doesn't look like the protests will stop anytime soon. Found in such a situation, where his position against Kosovo is weakening day by day, it seems Vuçiqhas decided to return to the hybrid war, that through misinformation, slander, creating fear and impatience, to try to incite discontent and unrest in Kosovo as well. This is not intended to strengthen the negotiating position of Vuçiqit, but the weakening of Kurt's position. Conversations held in the Assembly, which Lista Serbe had recorded and the recordings had handed over to him Vuçiqit, from the hand of Vuçiqit found their way to be published in a media in Kosovo. And now, as a result of deliberate misinterpretations, we had a scene of provoked violence in the parliament of Kosovo, and as if those scenes that portrayed Kosovo as an unstable country in all international media were not enough, today there is also a protest called in front of the government. It is strange how the protest happened to be organized on Saturday, the same time as the protest in Belgrade that is being organized there against Vuçiqit. It is even more strange that this protest was called by Berat Buzhala and Vehbi Kajtazi in the name of protecting the values ​​of the KLA, when everyone knows their public statements that the KLA has committed war crimes in Kosovo", he wrote he.

According to him, it remains to be seen today if the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo will maintain their personal dignity and the position of the state, or if they will fall into this trap of Serbia's hybrid war.

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