KosovaPress signs a cooperation agreement with the Greek news agency

KosovaPress signs a cooperation agreement with the Greek news agency

The KosovaPress News Agency has signed a cooperation agreement with the Athens News Agency/Macedonian Press Agency. This partnership will enable the exchange of news between the two agencies, where the clients and readers of the two agencies will have more news from both countries. Ambassador Heleni Vakali, who is the head of the Greek office in Kosovo, was also present during the signing of the agreement.

The agreement was signed between the director general of KosovaPress, Suzana Hashani-Rakovica, and the director of the Athens News Agency/Macedonian Press Agency, Aimilios Perdikaris.

The Greek guests have visited the facility of the “KosovaPress” News Agency and have been intimately acquainted with the work that has been done for 24 years now.

The director general of the “KosovaPress” News Agency, Suzana Hashani-Rakovica, said that this agreement is important for the country and will help promote the businesses and cultures of both countries.

“It is very important for Kosovo, for KosovaPress, also to publish accurate news and accurate sources through agencies. This is also the role of the news agencies so that we expand outside our country, not only with news or media here, but also with the media in Albania, North Macedonia, but also for Kosovo to be part of the countries of Europe, part of the countries of the Balkans. So, we need to get to know culture, economy, sports everywhere, not only in our country”, she said.

Also, the director of the Athens News Agency/Macedonian Press Agency, Aimilios Perdikaris, said that they are interested in improving the content of the media that he leads.

“I think we shouldn’t put a deadline about ending this agreement, we’ve just started working together and I think that working together will help us to enhance this cooperation. We should not only exchange news every day or exchange news when some big events occur and refer to both our parts. I mean that when we have news and events which are interesting for our agencies can be exchanged, but we can also work together in many common projects, European projects, projects in our region, projects in EANA, the European Association (of news agencies) and the Balkan Association as well, because last September we registered ABNA and now we’re planning to go a step further: to bring an idea about forming a Balkan Newsroom, to work in common projects and funding, to find the appropriate way to help our agencies, and not only the Association as well”, he said.

At the end of September, “KosovaPress” was officially accepted as a full member of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA https://www.newsalliance.org). Whereas, since 2017 it is part of the Association of the Balkan News Agencies ABNA-SEE.

Until now, in addition to this agreement, KosovaPress has signed cooperation agreements with many other news agencies, such as the Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA), the Italian News Agency (ANSA), the Turkish agency Anadolu Agency (AA), the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA).​

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