KosovaPress signed a cooperation agreement with BTA

KosovaPress signed a cooperation agreement with BTA

KosovaPress News Agency has signed a cooperation agreement with the Bulgarian News Agency BTA. The agreement was signed in Sofia by the general directors of the two media, Suzana Rakovica and Kiril Valchev.

“This new agreement will broaden the horizons between our two countries and will really give us an opportunity to understand what is happening every day in Bulgaria and Kosovo”, it was said at the conference.

With this new agreement, the number of news will increase also with the events from Bulgaria, which will be provided by KosovaPress.

BTA General Director, Kirill Valchev, said the two agencies will exchange access to all information products. Currently the news from Kosovo comes to Bulgaria mainly from external sources, such as the Associated Press and vice versa, whereas the capitals of the two countries are about three hundred kilometers away from each other, he explained, emphasizing that the agreement will change this.

“We agreed to jointly propose rules for a Balkan newsroom, so that our partnership becomes a model for the entire Balkans”, said Valchev.

“The idea of a Balkan newsroom and the meeting of agencies in the autumn in Varna will contribute to a better information policy in the Balkans. With this new document, which we will sign, we will bring the Balkan countries closer”, said Skënder Krasniqi.

Krasniqi is the current president of ABNA-SE, the Association of Balkan News Agencies.

Bulgaria will take over the ABNA-SE presidency from Kosovo in the autumn of this year.

The meeting is scheduled to take place in the Bulgarian coastal city of Varna.

KosovaPress is part of the Balkan News Agencies since 2017.

In September last year, KosovaPress hosted in Prishtina the directors of News Agencies in a three-day conference, where news agencies, among others, visited our historical, cultural, tourist sites, the large wine company “Stone Castle”, and were also received by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti.

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