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KosovaPress offers daily news service (7 days a week) from Kosovo, the region and the world, in various fields of activity.

We serve news and reports about developments in Kosovo and for Kosovo, we have information about events in the region and the world. In case of reaching an agreement, other specifics of using KosovaPress news are listed in the contract, which would finalize our offer and your interest.

KosovaPress has mutual cooperation relations with news agencies and a highly functional network of correspondents in Kosovo and in the region.

To get more information and if you want to know everything about Kosovo faster and more accurately, visit the website www.kosovapress.com

Kosova Press news is also available in English.

The site gives you great opportunities to orient yourself (get notified) according to your needs in the main events from Kosovo, the region and the world.

The most important news will be available on the main page, which is at the moment of opening.

Service in the Albanian language

Includes events from Kosovo, the region and the world. Kosovapress has a good network of correspondents in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Eastern Kosovo (Preshevo, Medvegja and Bujanovc).

Service in English

Includes the main news from Kosovo. The main news, topics, interviews, events from and around Kosovo will be in English.

Photo service

Includes photos from major events in Kosovo. Their dimension is 640x pixels.

The use of Kosova Press news can be done through the subscription (prepayment) system.

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Editorial office: Tel: +383 38 249 721 / Mob: +383 44 50 77 66
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Administration: +383 45 723 045

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