The "Health for all" conference highlights the shortcomings of the health system in Kosovo

There are 359 complaints related to health protection submitted to the People's Advocate institution from last year until now. This was announced by the head of this institution, Naim Qelaj, who said that the complaints indicated a lack of supplies of essential drugs and long waiting times for patients.

Deficiencies in the health system were discussed in the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization, organized by the Office for Good Governance and the Action For Health Association, with the theme "Health for all" - Access to health services for all without discrimination and in particular for sensitive groups of the population.

Habit Hajredini from the Office for Governance said that this topic coincides with institutional commitment by all actors in the country without distinction.

"The right to health is legally protected by many different international acts and those related to the constitutional aspect of various national legislations of the states, including the regulatory aspect of various sub-legal acts. Regardless of their economic and financial opportunities, states are obliged to provide basic health care to their citizens as a prerequisite for achieving a quality and dignified life", said Hajredini.

Nezaqete Rukovci from the organization Action for Health (AFH), said that strengthening the health system is one of the topics that should be placed high on the political agenda.

"The purpose of this conference is to come together to ensure that health becomes a reality for everyone, everywhere and anytime. Despite all the achievements so far in health, the gap between people who need care and those who have access to health services is still large. The right to health is a fundamental right," she said.

While the Deputy Minister of Health, Dafina Gëxha-Bunjaku, said that the constant goal of the Ministry of Health remains the improvement of access and affordability of health care services for all citizens.

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