KEC reacts after reports on energy exports and imports

KEC reacts after reports on energy exports and imports

Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEC) has reacted in the early hours of today regarding media reports that it has purchased energy from the company GEN with office in Belgrade in the amount of 4.2 million euros for the months December 2021 – January 2022, while sold energy to the same company about 105 thousand euros.

The GEN company is at the center of a money laundering scandal in Slovenia, where it is suspected that the ambassador of Kosovo in Croatia, Martin Berishaj, was also involved, with the latter denying any accusation.

Despite not mentioning the same report, KEC has provided explanations about the export and import of electricity, saying that it exports at night when surpluses are generated, and when energy is sold cheaper because other countries in the region also have their surpluses, while imported during the day, at peak consumption, and when the price is more expensive.

Lexo edhe

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