Hopes for visa liberalization are fading

Hopes for visa liberalization are fading

Brussels will have the main focus of Kosovar citizens on Thursday. The European capital today and tomorrow will host the leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union. Although the topic of visa liberalization is not included in the formal agenda of the EU Summit, it can be discussed, but, experts on European integration consider that it is unlikely to give the green light to visa liberalization for Kosovo.

The director of the EPIK institute, Demush Shasha, says for KosovaPress, the chances are small that there will be a decision on visa liberalization. He bases this on the preparatory meeting for holding this summit.

According to him, the maximum that can happen is the discussion on visa liberalization, however he doubts that such a thing will happen.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Haki Abazi, says for KosovaPress that visa liberalization for the citizens of Kosovo should happen as soon as possible.

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