GIFI is coming to Kosovo – The French giant soon in Prishtina Mall

GIFI is coming to Kosovo – The French giant soon in Prishtina Mall

GIFI, one of the most recognized international brands for its innovative product range that includes home categories, children's items and toys, decorations, gifts, hobby items, catering, restaurant and cafe items, and pet items. home, has officially announced its entry into the Kosovo market.

This expansion aims to meet the needs of the Kosovar and regional market by offering an exceptional shopping experience. At the press conference held today at the Central Offices of the Trade Center Prishtina Mall, the agreement reached was signed in the presence of the French Ambassador Mr. Olivier Guérot, representatives of GIFI company, Mr. Arnaud Bouillet, Head of International Development at GIFI, as well as President of the Board of the Trade Center – Prishtina Goods Fatmir Zymberi.

In the context of an international franchise agreement, the Ambassador expressed a clear optimism and emphasized the strategic importance of this initiative for economic relations between the two states.

"We are happy and honored to be part of this important event," said the Ambassador, noting that this agreement is not just a business transaction, but an effort to deepen economic relations between the two states. The importance of the agreement was also told by GiFi representatives, who said that "We are happy to have reached this agreement with Kosovo, which is the first step for our expansion in this part of Europe," said Mr. . Arnaud Bouillet from GIFI.

"We have high hopes for success in the Kosovo market." Whereas, the President of the Board of Prishtina Mall, Mr. Fatmir Zymberi expressed his appreciation for GIFI's decision to choose Prishtina Mall as location. "This is a strategic choice that makes a successful expansion possible," he said.

While Mr. Alvaro Costa, Managing Director at Prishtina Mall, said that "We are very happy for the start of this cooperation, and the attachment of GiFi as part of the open brands in Prishtina Goods. It is an honor and a privilege to be the first shopping center in Southeast Europe to open a prestigious brand like Gi-Fi, which was founded in 1981 and has more than 600 stores worldwide."

Following the conference, GIFI's Executive Director for Kosovo, Mr. Gojart Shaqiri, presented the details of the opening of the first store, which is expected to have a sales area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters and will offer a wide range of over 30,000 products. Mr. Shaqiri particularly emphasized the opportunity that GIFI offers to local manufacturers: to enter international markets through GIFI's network, which has over 600 locations worldwide.

He appreciated this as a very important platform for the exposure, development and success of local companies in the international arena. During the conference, it was announced that the opening of the GIFI store in Prishtina Mall is expected to happen in the first week of November. Today's agreement between GIFI and Prishtina Mall marks a big step for both sides and for the economy of Kosovo.

This partnership will bring an exceptional shopping experience to Kosovar consumers, offering a rich range of products spanning all categories, from household items to children's toys and much more. The agreement, signed in the presence of high-level representatives from both countries, not only protects economic interests, but also helps deepen cultural and economic relations between Kosovo and France.

With the anticipated opening of the store in November, the Kosovo market is expected to benefit from this expansion, creating new opportunities for local producers and making Kosovo part of GIFI's global network.

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