Events of November 18

Events of November 18

The director of the USAID mission, Zeinah Salahi, accompanied by the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) Arbërie Nagavci, will speak at the inaugural event of the Sector Councils for Workforce. (Swiss Diamond Hotel, Artana Hall, Prishtina, time 10:00)

On the occasion of the World Day of Traffic Victims, the “Justice for accidents in Kosovo” roundtable will be held, organized by the Kosovo Insurance Bureau (KIB) and the Kosovo Association of Motorization (KAM). (Sirius Hotel, time 10:00)

The Day Center for children in street situations in Prishtina has prepared a program of activities, on the occasion of World Children’s Rights Day. (Red Hall of the Palace of Youth, Prishtina, time 11:00-14:00)

The Ambassador of France, Olivier Guérot, will visit the Institute of Professional Training of KTC. (Fushe Kosova, time 11:00)

The Parliamentary Investigative Committee regarding the decision-making process in the energy sector for the period 2006-2022, at the legislative, executive, regulatory level and in public enterprises, interviews witnesses from the ERO board for the period 2008-2013. (Kosovo Assembly, hall N-204, time 11:00)

The World Company “Gold Venture” and UBT hold a Conference about innovation. (Prizren, Innovation Park, time 11:00)

The opening ceremony of the new vaccine depot will be held. (Vaccine warehouse, National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo, Prishtina, time 12:00)

A cultural meeting will be held in honor of the symbol of national resistance, Adem Demaçi, organized by the Faculty of Education at the Public University “Kadri Zeka”. (Public University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan, time 12:00)

The artistic group Globalodromia FILOART inaugurates the installation “HOW LONG IS NOW”. (In front of the “Bake & Cake” bar on Zahir Pajaziti square behind the “Treska” building, time 12:00)

The Committee for the Rights and Interests of Communities and Return reviews the Draft Law on state debt and state guarantees, with the amendment report of the functional Committee for Budgets, Transfers and Labor. (Assembly of Kosovo, hall N-302, time 12:15)

The Assembly of Kosovo continues its plenary session. (Assembly of Kosovo, time 13:00)

The Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli will hold a conference on the topic “Measures to subsidize energy efficiency for citizens – Second Call”. (Ministry of Economy, meeting hall, time 13.00)

The organization “OAKTIV” launches the project “Walk with their feet!”, supported by the ReLoAReLOaD2 program (UNDP-EU). (Podujeva Town Square, time 13:00)

Activities of the Kosovo National Team and the Faroe Islands National Team:

16:00 – Press conference of the Faroe Islands National Team (“Fadil Vokrri” Stadium)

16:30 – Official training of the Faroe Islands National Team (“Fadil Vokrri” Stadium)

17:30 – Press conference of the Kosovo National Team (“Fadil Vokrri” Stadium) 18:00 – Official training of the Kosovo National Team (“Fadil Vokrri” Stadium)

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