Events of January 27

Events of January 27

The second day of the international cyber security conference “Cyber ZERO” will be held (Klan Arena, Prishtina, time 09:00)

The municipality of Rahovec organizes homages in honor of the nation’s martyrs Nesimi Elshani, Agron Fetahu, Halim Hoti and Hilmi Krasniqi. In the village of Celina (Time 09:00), in the village of Nagavc (Time 09:30), in the village of Krusha e Madhe (Time 10:00), in the village of Hoça e Vogël (Time 10:30), in the village of Brestoc (Time 11:00). Meanwhile, the commemorative event will be held at the “Mensur Zyberaj” Cultural Center (Time 12:00).

The Human Rights Commission meets the representatives of the NGO “Voice of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians” regarding the visit made to Germany by the delegation of the Functional Commission in cooperation with the aforementioned association. (Assembly of Kosovo, hall N10, time 10:00)

The Committee on Economy is waiting for the report of the ICMM board regarding the decision for releasing from the liability for paying the mining rent, of the company “Ferronikeli”. (Assembly of Kosovo, C203, time 10:00)

The AAK Parliamentary Group organizes the discussion table on the topic “Law on State-funded Social Schemes, problems and requests for change”. (Assembly of Kosovo, hall S506, time 11:00)

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Center – Mediation Center Mitrovica present the research “Reform of the legal framework, practice and challenges of mediation in Kosovo” (“Opera” Hotel, Prishtina, time 11:00)

The Minister of Finance, Hekuran Murati, reports on the increase in the value of property tax invoices. (Assembly of Kosovo, hall C203, time 13:30)

The graduation ceremony of the 42nd generation of cadets of the Kosovo Correctional Service will be held. (Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, Vushtrri, time 13:30) “Kadri Zeka” Public University in Gjilan will honor MEP Lukas Mandl with the “Doctor Honoris Causa” award. (Theatre of the City of Gjilan, time 15:00)

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