Duma talks about the situation in the DP: In order to recover, we must enter into a nationwide dialogue with the Democrats

Duma talks about the situation in the DP: In order to recover, we must enter into a nationwide dialogue with the Democrats

Former deputy leader of the Democratic Party and MP of this party, Grida Duma insists that only through an open dialogue between Democrats this party will overcome the crisis it is facing. At a time when this political entity has been left without a chairman, she says that she has not yet thought of entering the race to lead the party, but she would prefer that the next chairman be neither Sali Berisha nor Lulzim Basha.

In an interview for KosovaPress, the Democratic Party MP considers that there are a lot of candidates who could lead the DP, while she says that the rematch of Democrats over Democrats should end.

Duma says that through a dialogue between Democrats within 5 or 6 months an agreement can be reached and the reunification proclaimed to take place after Basha’s resignation as chairman of the Democratic Party.

“Sali Berisha should discuss with us there, we should have an open dialogue, as I told Lulzim Basha before he resigned that there is only one way to create moral credibility, to have a debate between the open parties, and complete and bring to an end this debate with no separate scenes but in the same scene, to do a great dialogue with each other. Regardless of what the legal changes are, the DP is obliged to understand one thing, whether the group on the rostrum or the official DP, both sides will lose if we do not understand that the only battle we have is to win the elections, it doesn’t matter if one minority is larger than the another minority, it matters that we are the largest majority for governing the country and this should not make us at any point be aggressive with each other. Neither has won, both sides have lost, and now the Democrats’ revenge on the Democrats must end and there must be a moral amnesty for the divisions created by the two party leaders that the Democrats no longer owe them, and we must resolve this, whatever the cost, with a reasonable pro-western dialogue, that makes the PD of the new generation with another light towards going to inspiration, not pressure … For five or six months if we engage in this platform we will make the agreement happen,” said the Duma.

Duma considers that only the internal change of the DP is a chance for change in Albania.

She believes that this party should respond to the new generations and listen to the old experience.

“The Democratic Party has the duty, not only the mission, to rise above itself, which will understand that if Albania has a chance for change, it will come from the internal change of the DP. The DP must become great again, for a great DP we are obliged to each remove something from ourselves and move towards a great nationwide dialogue with the Democrats and the Albanians. The DP must respond to the new generation, listen to the old experience, it must go towards unification with reason and not to have anyone’s Democratic Party, but to have the DP as a winner,” she stressed.

Asked if she thinks of running for the post of DP chairman, Duma, who until recently held the post of deputy chairman of the Democratic Party, she told KosovaPress that she thinks more about the re-establishment of the party.

“I don’t think abou it, I think the enlargement of the Democratic Party, on those circumstances I think that there are a lot of candidates in the Democratic Party, I am very worried about the feudal mentality of the type we are used to. In life you get used even to bad habits, but you have to get used to change,” she said.

Although, the Duma says that it would be good news if neither Berisha nor Basha lead the DP, despite the fact that the former Albanian Prime Minister declared last night that he will be in the race to return to as the chairman of the party.

“It is good news if this happens (that Berisha and Basha were not in charge of the DP), if there is a real awareness of the two leaders of the Democratic Party that crises should not be recycled, so for one the battles are over and for the other the story it can not start after 30 years, there must be an agreement that the PD is definitely much more than two or 20 people “, stated the PD MP.

Duma, who initially sided with Basha against Berisha’s grouping, and after the result in the local by-elections, came out against Basha by resigning from her position in the party, saying that she had long-distance communication with former President Basha.

“In a long way, yes, we could not agree. I do not change my stance and I can hardly wait for each of the Democrats, including me, to say things openly to everyone without the need for behind the scenes, the Democratic Party doesn’t need the behind the scenes at the moment”, said Duma.

The Tirana court recognized the December 11 Assembly convened by Sali Berisha and the decisions issued by him. Among the decisions was the dismissal of the DP leadership led by Basha. Berisha’s group has already returned to the headquarters while the former prime minister said that he would negotiate with the PD parliamentary group as the only legitimate body to start the path of reunification.

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