CDBK marks the 5th anniversary of its establishment: We have restored the confidence of businesses that we can make a difference

CDBK marks the 5th anniversary of its establishment: We have restored the confidence of businesses that we can make a difference

On the 5th anniversary of its establishment and operation, the Chamber of Doing business in Kosovo (CDBK), held the Labor Assembly, which at the same time was the Electoral Assembly. Participants in the Electoral Assembly were member businesses with which the CDBK has been cooperating for five years now.

The chairman of the CDBK, Skënder Krasniqi, in his speech, stressed that one of the main reasons for the establishment of the chamber was to address the problems that businesses were constantly facing, but that they were not properly addressed.

Krasniqi also mentioned some of the challenges they encountered during the journey. “It is a year of preparation and more than five years of tireless work to be here where we are now”, said Krasniqi.

Krasniqi also highlighted the gradual growth of the chamber and the trust created by businesses after meetings and direct field visits, in order to get acquainted with the problems and challenges, that businesses face every day, as well as identifying alternatives for solutions.

“The CDBK has lobbied directly to solve problems and improve the way of doing business, and when sometimes the verbal efforts were exhausted, we organized a protest. During these years we have participated in hundreds of TV debates, conferences and speeches, giving our opinion on various events and proposing their change”, said Krasniqi.

Krasniqi stressed that with tireless work and commitment, the goals of businesses, which were previously impossible to achieve, have begun to become possible.

“We have restored the confidence of businesses, that there is an opportunity to make the change, a heavy but necessary burden of ours. We, who keep the state with a budget and the people with jobs, must also take the responsibility to show politicians who come without experience and take high positions what the laws and opportunities for doing business should be, taking into account the experiences of other countries”, said Krasniqi.

Krasniqi thanked the staff and businesses which have become part of the chamber from the beginning and others that have later joined the common cause, and for the contribution they have given and are giving to be here where the chamber is now.

The meeting of the Assembly was chaired by board member Hamdi Malushaj and CDBK Coordinator Qëndresa Ibrahimi, whereas the board secretary, Diamant Elshani, recalled the first days of the establishment of the chamber, presenting some of the activities carried out over the years, issues addressed, collaborations, priorities and financial reporting.

“Five years ago, it was a dream which we thought would be extremely difficult to realize, but with effort, sacrifice and an extremely great will, we have joined this ‘train’ to which ‘wagons’ have been constantly added, and each of us had the opportunity to be part of it and to present our ideas”, said Elshani.

Elshani further stressed that the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo was established in order to represent the interests of businesses, to communicate and provide support in relation to domestic and international institutions to develop the country economically, to be attractive first to domestic investors and then to foreign ones.

On the occasion of holding this five-year assembly, the work report for the five-year period was presented and voted, whereas the Amendment Supplement of the CDBK, the Financial Report and the Budget Planning for 2022, and the Work Strategy 2022-2027, were voted and approved.

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