By cooking with the little ones, PedaKos concludes the “Week of Italian Cuisine”

By cooking with the little ones, PedaKos concludes the “Week of Italian Cuisine”

The PedaKos project has continued to be close to the children by providing them with professional development, environment and best practices in the kindergarten where they stay. The little ones from the preschool institution “Botanika” today had the opportunity to cook tortellini with their parents.

Also present at this activity was the Italian ambassador, Antonello De Riu, who said that they are there to connect education with food within the framework of the “Week of Italian Cuisine”.

According to him, this is the best way for children to grow as independent individuals and to gradually be ready for the labor market.

He said that staying with children in the framework of this activity, and children staying with others, is something very beautiful that helps in the socialization of the little ones.

“Today’s activity concludes a series of activities throughout the week and is called the Week of Italian Cuisine. We are here to connect these elements, food and education, which then brings a nutrition education that gives other qualities to the children when they enter the labor market, opens new opportunities when they enter the labor market. Another aspect of the cuisine is the coexistence of being together, together with family and friends, prepare it together, prepare it together to eat it together. This is the best aspect for the children because in this way they are socialized and by being socialized the children overcome many obstacles that they may have in life, outside the walls of the school”, he said.

Such an activity was welcomed by the director of the “Botanika” garden, Kadrije Asllani, who said that this Saturday they met because of the “Week of Italian cuisine”.

“Today in the pre-school institution “Botanika” an activity was organized within the framework of the PedaKos project. Today we will cook in honor of Italian food, we will cook tortellini. The activity will be held together with the children and parents, where we have invited the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities from the municipality of Gjakova who will be part of our activity… Parents, together with children, will cook tortellini, and the Italian ambassador will join this activity so that together we will cook tortellini. We also prepared other foods in honor of Week of Italian Cuisine “, she said.

The children are the ones who enjoy this activity the most, says Arla Cukaj’s father, Kushtrimi.

He says that his daughter has been waiting for the day of cooking Italian food at her kindergarten for a week.

“It is a very good activity and welcomed by the parents as well, so that the children can see for themselves how these things are realized… However, it also gives the children an additional motivation, gives them self-confidence, and at the same time gives them opportunities to express themselves strongly and better through the realization of such work… My child has been waiting for this day for a week, not to mention from the morning when she woke up, got dressed, got ready and just looked at the clock the whole time, she was excited to be in this activity… Together with me, she expects to cook some Italian products and see together with her dad how these are made, how they are cooked, how we will mix the flour with the egg and make a product that pleases her, her dad and her friends,” he said.

While the little boy, Diell Halimi, told for KosovaPress his impressions of cooking Italian food. He said that he enjoys pasta prepared according to Italian recipes and that preparing them in the kindergarten only makes them happy.

He showed what he liked the most.

“We made pasta, we took flour and mixed it with eggs and we mixed it with flour, then we pressed it and made dough and then we made some shapes out of it. Then, we put them in the pot and the pasta was made… I liked the shape the most”, he said. Today’s event concludes a series of activities throughout the whole “Week of Italian cuisine”. The project which aims to help through a special way called “Reach of children” is supported by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development.

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