Blinken: Kosovo is a steadfast partner of the United States

Blinken: Kosovo is a steadfast partner of the United States

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has said that Kosovo is a steadfast partner of the United States of America.

During the meeting in Washington with President Vjosa Osmani and Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Blinken said that the two countries have a long history, as he thanked Kosovo for hosting Afghan refugees and for supporting Ukraine after the Russian aggression.

” Kosovo is a steadfast partner of the United States, and I think as you all know, there is a long and strong history between us, particularly with President Biden, who sends his warm greetings to both of you. We are working together on so many different issues of import to the United States and to our countries.  I want to thank you again for your generous hosting of at-risk Afghans, the strong support that we’ve seen from day one for Ukraine faced with the Russian aggression, the work that you’re doing on the Summit for Democracy, including hosting a summit on women, peace, and security – and, Madam President, I particularly appreciate your leadership on this.  And tomorrow you will sign a compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation – of real significance particularly when it comes to supporting your efforts to build renewable energy. So, there’s a lot to talk about as we’re working on all of these issues, as well, of course, critical issues of regional security that I know we’ll have a chance to discuss,” said Blinken.

Meanwhile, President Vjosa Osmani said that Kosovo’s independence is an irreversible reality and that they will work with the USA and other democratic countries so that the international position of our country is strengthened even further by taking its deserved place in the Euro-Atlantic community.

Osmani also mentioned Russia’s efforts to destabilize the Western Balkans.

” As you know, Mr. Secretary, Putin will continue to try to destabilize Europe also through the Western Balkans.  We will continue to need the steadfast support of the United States, as well as our European allies, to make sure that the plans of Russia as well as its proxies in the region are stopped.  For that reason, we look forward to working with you, with all of the Biden administration, to make sure that as frontliners in defending democracy, we are successful in defending our shared values, which are the very foundations of our country…The independent, sovereign, free Kosovo is an irreversible reality which you have helped create.  We will work hand in hand every single day together with the United States, as well as other democratic nations around the world, to make sure that this reality is strengthened, to make sure that the international standing of the Republic of Kosovo is strengthened, and to move ahead in our well-deserved place in the Euro-Atlantic community”, emphasized Osmani.

President Osmani said that Kosovo will continue to remain a strong ally of the USA.

” The same way that you stood by us at that time two decades ago, today you’re standing with Ukraine.  So, I want to reassure you on behalf of Kosovo that the people of Kosovo also stand with Ukraine, as we have shown by adopting sanctions immediately, the same day the United States and the European Union have done so.  And, of course, we renew our call to all of the countries in the region to do so”, said Osmani.

President Osmani, Prime Minister Kurti, and the Minister of Economy, Artanë Rizvanolli, traveled on Monday to the United States of America for the signing of the 200-million-dollar agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), for the Kosovo Compact Program.

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