Small businesses in the capital want to be allowed to use refrigerators in kiosks

On International Workers' Day, some representatives of small businesses in the capital today protested in front of the facility of the municipality of Pristina for allowing the use of public spaces.

The representatives of these businesses held in their hands several banners with inscriptions: "Your negligence obliges us to migrate", "Stop discrimination against small businesses", "Is there justice in this country".

The representative of the association of small businesses in Pristina, Sadudin Hasani, said that for 1 and a half years they have been requesting that the municipality allow them to install refrigerators, but such a thing, as he said, has not happened.

Hasani said that the removal of refrigerators from the kiosks has greatly damaged these businesses.

"The purpose of the protest is for better conditions at work... Earlier, we had refrigerators behind us, and the municipality took them away from us, where they instructed us to apply for a permit, we applied for a permit, but they didn't equip us, nor did they has allowed us to be established as a kiosk, while other businesses... It has harmed us enormously, knowing that the main business during the summer is drinks, we don't have anything illegal behind," he said.

Hasnai also stated that although they had an agreement with the Director of the Inspectorate for the installation of refrigerators, they were still fined.

While warning of other protests, he expressed the request to the municipality of Pristina for granting permits for kiosks and allowing 2 to 4 refrigerators.

The vice president of this association, Enver Gashi, said that with the removal of refrigerators, their business turnover has decreased by 60%.

He said that this situation has also affected the health of many of their colleagues.

Today, May 1, the International Workers' Day, is also being celebrated in Kosovo. On this day, in addition to this protest, another protest of the Trade Union Federation of Technical Workers of the Private Sector of Kosovo is planned, who are demanding a salary increase. /B.Ibishi/

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