At the height of the crisis, savings reach 4.75 billion euros

At the height of the crisis, savings reach 4.75 billion euros

The citizens of the country, despite being affected by the pandemic and the rise in prices in every sector, are also being frugal. The value of their savings, until March this year alone, reached a record value of 4.75 billion euros. Whereas the big profit of commercial banks in Kosovo has reached within 2021 over 100 million euros.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo, Fehmi Mehmeti says that only during 2021 1.8 billion euros of new loans were issued, which according to him, this shows the support of Kosovo’s economy by the banking sector.

On the other hand, the President of the Chamber of Doing Bussines in Kosovo (CDBK) Skënder Krasniqi has criticized the managment of the Central Bank of Kosovo that this financial institution in the last two years has not supported businesses in pandemics, not even now in this time of crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

Krasniqi has asked the Government and the Assembly of Kosovo to take actions against the Central Bank, since according to him, the CBK is not supporting businesses or citizens in this time of crisis.

“The state should put more money into circulation, which is not happening. There should be more turnover. Banks should provide money to support businesses for payment needs, for salaries. The Central Bank of Kosovo is functioning as if there was no crisis, neither in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, nor now. Therefore, we have asked the Government and the Assembly to take action against the Central Bank, because the CBK has not supported businesses or citizens at this time. All countries have provided turnover loans, which is not happening with the Central Bank. All the CBK has been doing for more than two years is deferring interest on loans for three months. So, it has not supported businesses or citizens. Since there are more funds, there are no reductions in loan rates, and we are the only country in the region that has the least bad (non-performing) loans, while we have the highest loan rates in the region,” said Krasniqi…

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