There is a march for the 25th anniversary of Prishtina's health, the achievements in this sector are mentioned
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In honor of the 25th anniversary of Prishtina's health, the health workers of the Family Medicine and Emergency Centers paraded in the main squares of Pristina.

The Director of Health in Pristina Izet Sadiku has counted the successes of the health sector, saying that for these 25 years they are proud of their achievements.

"Today is Prishtina's health day, it is a jubilee year, and I think that Prishtina's health has developed a lot in these 25 years, and today we have a health system that we can be proud of. Last year alone, we provided about 3 million 500 thousand services, over 1 million 100 thousand visits, about 1 million laboratory services. We have increased many services in Pristina, we have increased the domestic service that works today 12 hours 365 days, we have increased the laboratory, radiological, dental services and all these have influenced today that we are proud of the health of Pristina", said Sadik.

Sadiku also spoke about the purpose of this activity, mentioning the areas they visited.

Arjeta Pula, specialist in family medicine, told about the activities they have developed during this week. Pula added that during the visits they offered consultations on healthy lifestyle.

Among the other activities was the voluntary blood donation as well as the closing activity of this week was the inauguration of the new name of the QKMF Gani Demolli who was the head of Mother Teresa's health service from 92-99.

Meanwhile, from June 18 to 21, there were a number of activities organized by the Health Directorate in honor of this day.

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