Changes in Gynecology, minister Vitia gives details
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Changes and better conditions in the Clinic of Gynecology at KKUK are already visible. This is after investing in four wards in this clinic, where there will be no shortage of new services, which will be served for the first time in public institutions in Kosovo.

The Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, told KosovaPress that in the maternity ward, from the ten beds that used to be there, from now on there will be only two beds with a bathroom in the room.

Vitia has emphasized that the specialized outpatient clinics will also be radically transformed, where there was usually chaos from women when they came for a gynecological check-up.

Vitia added that women will no longer need to go abroad or be checked in the private sector, because the Gynecology Clinic will offer IVF, amniocentesis and fetal medicine services, which will be performed for the first time in public institutions of Kosovo.

All this investment has cost the Ministry of Health about five million euros, two million only in the infrastructural part, over one million for IVF equipment and others.

Minister Vitia has emphasized that there was also a donation from an organization through the Greek embassy.

For the last time, in 2003, the delivery room was renovated at the Gynecology Clinic.

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