The LDK gathers the experts: There are no investments, the alarming situation in health
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The Democratic League of Kosovo held today the next meeting with the Department of Health, where in the presence of many doctors and professionals in the field it was discussed about the main challenges of citizens in the health system, the lack of essential drugs, the waiting list, health insurance, and many other issues, which continue to remain a challenge for the health system in Kosovo.

In this meeting, most of the discussion was devoted to the "New Road" political program, which has a concrete plan to improve the health system in the country.

According to the LDK, health continues to be one of the main challenges of the citizens of Kosovo. Lack of essential investments, low public funds, lack of proper health management, together with the neglect shown over the years for this vital sector, have brought this important public sector to the brink of total collapse.

LDK's vice president, Hykmete Bajrami, said that the meeting with health experts is being held to update the party's governing platform. She cited the essential drug list, waiting lists and the lack of progress regarding health insurance as among the failures of the Kurti Government. 

"It is a regular meeting of health experts within the Democratic League of Kosovo. As you know, we have had the new road program for a year. Today we have gathered to discuss the current challenges in the health sector in general. The program needs to be updated, since we have said since we launched it that this will be a living document and now the number of experts in the department is greater. The health situation is alarming with the essential list of medicines, waiting lists for operations, total lack of progress in terms of health insurance, no investment in equipment and no investment in the construction of health clinics. The staff is unhappy with the working conditions", said Bajrami.

The Democratic League of Kosovo, in the "New Road" political program, plans to take a series of steps that significantly advance not only the financing of this sector, but also the level of service delivery in Kosovo's hospitals. Therefore, the main goal of the LDK is to increase public spending on health up to 5% of the Gross Domestic Product.

The main projects of the "New Road" political program in the field of health are the coefficient 150, which corresponds to an increase in salaries for doctors from 814 euros to 1110 euros, health insurance, the construction of the New Hospital Center, the health information system, contracted management ; for the first time in the history of Kosovo, health management will be separated from the health profession

The Democratic League of Kosovo has started meetings with the departments of all its existing fields for several months. In these meetings, in addition to discussing problems in the relevant field and unveiling the main projects of the "New Road" political program, which bring the sector out of the crisis, work is also being done to update the program.

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