Work resumes in the four renovated wards in Gynecology
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About 5.5 million euros have been invested in the Gynecology Clinic at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo. Of this value, over 3 million are for medically assisted fertilization, while 2.4 million euros are for fetal medicine.

At the inauguration of the renovated clinic, the Prime Minister of the country, Albin Kurti, emphasized that the investments made in this clinic are huge. Adding that this clinic has changed radically for the better compared to 10 years ago.

"An incredible investment that has radically transformed this clinic. It is about 5.5 million euros that have been invested here, in which case more than 3 million euros are for medically assisted fertilization, while about 2.4 million euros are for fetal medicine and amnioticonthesis. There used to be seven or eight women in one room, while the toilet was at one end of the common corridor, now there are only two beds in each room and each room has a sanitary unit and a bathroom. The cleanliness is maximum, the air quality is high, the lighting is pleasant and the dedication of the doctors and nurses is maximum. Approximately ten years ago, I had my wife who gave birth to our daughter, but today when you enter the hospital and the Gynecology Clinic, you cannot tell that you are in Pristina if you compare it with the time a decade ago in the same place. Now half of these investments of over 3 million euros in fertility are for infrastructure and half for equipment and at the same time we are lucky that expectant mothers and babies and children in general have the best gynecological clinic like never before just when they are receiving allowances for children and pregnant women. Over 55 mothers receive financial support and over 400 children in the Republic of Kosovo for the first time with the current government, which presents a complete proof that the mother and the child, her and the child's health are the focus of our government," Kurti said. .

On the other hand, the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, has shown more details about this investment.

"Happy that today the four most important renovated wards in the Gynecology Clinic are starting. In these wards, other units have been installed which will help in the health information system, there will be digitization of queues, digitized processes in the process. And all this, in addition to the exceptional conditions that women will have in this clinic from now on, the workers will also find it much easier to do their work, and of course today we also received thanks from them, not only because of the conditions but also because of the flow of patients and the more dignified way of treating women in the clinic", said Vitia.

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