Rama shares views from the Llogora tunnel: It opens on July 5
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The Llogora tunnel, one of the largest public works, approximately 20 km south of Vlora, with an investment value of 142 million euros and with a direct impact on the entire economy of the country, is being implemented at a fast pace.

Prime Minister Edi Rama has published on social networks pictures of the works at the tunnel site, which is expected to be inaugurated on July 5, 2024.

The Llogora tunnel is expected to shorten the distance from Dukati to Palasa from 30 minutes to only 7 minutes and will have a length of nearly 6 kilometers.

The main tunnel is lined with concrete and equipped with complex systems of drainage, ventilation, fire and smoke protection, lighting, emergency calls and signage.

Also, the tunnel is equipped on each side with sidewalks 1.17 m wide. The main tunnel is 7.70 mi wide and 4.70 mi high, and equipped with a ventilation system, as well as a drainage system of underground and surface bridges.

While the auxiliary tunnel is connected to the central tunnel with 11 exits, 5 of which are exits for vehicles, while the other 6 are for pedestrian access.

The height of the main tunnel is 4 m, while the width of the entire road is 7 m. 7.7 m are placed as a sidewalk for all emergency cases as provided in the safety code. /ATSh/

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