Muslim believers pray on the Martyrs of the Nation boulevard in Tirana
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Muslim believers all over the world, but also in Albania, celebrate Kurban Bayram today.

Thousands of Albanian believers gathered on the boulevard "Dëshmorët e Kombit" to pray the Namaz.

The rite of forgiveness of Kurban Bayram is also performed by Albanian believers in the mosques of the main cities of the country.

After congratulating on the holiday, in their speeches they ask for more peace and harmony, virtues which have been best embodied so far.

In honor of this holiday, the head of the Muslim Community of Albania, Bujar Spahiu, congratulated all Albanians, while he prayed for more peace and harmony.

The celebrations that belong to this day mark the sacrifice and sacrifice of man in the name of God's faith and in the name of love for man. It constitutes the great celebration of mercy, forgiveness, understanding, kindness, brotherhood and peace.

The celebration of this day, as has become tradition, begins in the early hours of the morning, when thousands of Muslim believers pray.

According to the Muslim religion, for this marked day, a ram or an adult sheep is slaughtered, which is dedicated to God.

The family that slaughters it can keep as much meat as it needs and must share the rest with poor families. Cakes and decorations are characteristic of this day.

In every Muslim family, cakes are prepared, which should also be served to friends. Meanwhile, all believers as well as their homes should be decorated as best as possible.

Believers sacrifice hundreds of lambs and rams in the early hours of the morning to evoke the sacred event, which is the beginning of this holiday, one of the most important for the Muslim religion.

Years ago, when religious belief was prohibited in Albania, religious rites were celebrated secretly. Although many traditional families did not make a fuss, Albanians devoted a special fund to the celebration of this holiday. Kurban Bayram, now an official holiday, has been celebrated for years by all Albanians, without forgetting here Devotsthe humility of Muslim believers on this day, which marks the sacrifice and sacrifice of man in the name of faith in God, in the name of love for man./Ora News/

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