Where there are Albanians, there is Birra Peja and Go+!
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When it comes to Albanians, one fact is indisputable: they are everywhere in the world. From America to Australia, from Canada to the old continent, Europe, there is no place where the Albanian language is not heard and the presence of Albanians is not felt. But one thing common to all Albanians in the diaspora is longing for the homeland and for that unique energy of our culture.

Birra Peja and Go+ are committed to supporting the Albanian community wherever it is. Whether through sponsorship of cultural events, music festivals or various social initiatives, they show that they are always close to Albanians, regardless of where they are.

After a period of waiting, Alba Festival returns with its usual grandeur, and this time, Birra Peja and Go+ are the main sponsors that will ignite the atmosphere. This festival, which unites Albanians from all over the world, will be even more special thanks to the support of these two big companies.

These refreshing and energizing products are the heart of every Albanian party.

Beer Peja and Go+ are more than just popular products in the Albanian market; they are a symbol of a deep commitment to the Albanian community and the diaspora all over the world. With a clear mission to support and unite Albanians wherever they are, Birra Peja and Go+ are making a difference at every step.

These two large companies understand the importance of preserving Albanian values ​​and traditions, especially for those who live far from their homeland. Through their quality products, they create a strong emotional connection that keeps the sense of belonging and national pride alive.

Beer Peja and Go+ not only refresh the participants with their delicious products, but also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Their continued support for Alba Festival shows their commitment to unify and support the Albanian community.

For three consecutive days, the diaspora will have the opportunity to get rid of longing and nostalgia for Albanian culture and music. Stars of the Albanian music scene, coming from all over the world, will perform at the Alba Festival, bringing freshness, energy and excitement to all participants.

Devolli Group, always close to you and always supporting Albanians wherever they are, will be present at the festival with a wide range of products. Through them, you can feel the aroma and taste of the homeland, making the Alba Festival experience even more authentic.

At Alba Festival, there will also be other groups of products from the Devolli Group, ensuring that every detail of this celebration is perfect.

Be part of the biggest festival of the Albanian diaspora and get rid of the longing for the homeland with good music, delicious food and an extraordinary atmosphere, only at Alba Festival.

Whether you are at a festival, a family party or celebrating personal successes, Birra Peja and Go+ always bring a special feeling and connection to the homeland.

There is no Albanian party without Birra Peja and Go+ and there is no party, no atmosphere, without the contribution and products of Devolli Group!

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