Euro 2024 is starting, Artmotion brings it exclusively to Kosovo
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Expectations for the start of the biggest event of the year, EURO 2024, seem to have come to an end. There are now not weeks, not days, but a few hours left until the start of the first match of EURO 2024. This spectacle, one of the most important and emotional events for football fans around the world, officially begins on Friday, June 14, 2024.

Now almost all participating national teams of EURO 2024 have landed in Germany, including the national team of Albania, which this year for the second time in a short time is among the participants in EURO 2024.

In Kosovo, EURO 2024 brings Artmotion exclusively, where the emotions of fans from all football fields and all games will be broadcast on Klan Kosova and Sport 1-6 channels for 1 month in a row. In addition to the matches, also every night and after every game, Artmotion and Klan Kosova will offer summaries, analyzes and detailed reports from experienced analysts, football experts, but also fans who will be invited to our studios. These analysis and commentary will help us to analyze the matches of the day, the best team, the best player, and predictions for the finalists of EURO 2024.

How will the national team of Albania be ranked? Will it pass the group stage? Who will go to the final? All this remains to be broadcast from June 14 to July 14 on Klan Kosova and Artmotion Sport channels 1-6.

Ball every night, 1 month, in every family only through Artmotion

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