Besmira, the 10-year-old girl who was killed in her sleep by Serbian forces on June 11, 1999
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"Thankfully we were freed and we will go to school", were the words of Besmira who was killed by Serbian forces the day before June 12, 1999. The 10-year-old who did not enjoy freedom, that day was experiencing the great joy of to return home, a year after they were staying with her family in improvised tents in "Lugun e Madh" of Drenas.

In the tombstone of the courtyard of the "Rilindja" school in the village of Dobroshec in Drenas, the names and photographs of Besmira and the two children killed in Poklek who attended the same school are engraved.

Besmira's father, Enver Hajdari, tells about the early morning of June 11, when his daughter was killed.

Besmira, who was 10 years old at the time, was killed in her sleep by Serbian forces.

Besmira's father says that they buried her on the mountain and after two weeks they exhumed her in the village cemetery.

25 years after the war, he speaks in the classroom and the place where Besmira sat in the classroom, who was attending the third grade of the "Rilindja" elementary school in Dobroshec, Drenas.

Enveri, who was himself a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army, says that when the war started in their village, they were forced to resist Serbian terror and move their families to Lugun e Fati for more than a year.

After the murder of Besmira, "Lugu i Madh" was named "Lugu i Besa".

Besmira's name has already been renewed and Enver's granddaughter is enjoying the name. She also wrote a poem about her aunt.

Besmira's father, Enver Hajdari, says that they do not feel comfortable and calls for justice for all the children killed in the war. /Sh. Pajaziti

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