The QMF in "Kalabri" is closed for renovation, citizens complain: They have taken us by the neck - the municipality provides details
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The closure of the Family Medicine Center (QMF-IX) in "Kalabri" due to the renovation, which is expected to last up to three months, has created concern among the citizens of this neighborhood in the capital.

Even though the Municipality of Pristina issued a notice a few days before the closure, they say that they were not informed of such a thing.

The citizens of "Calabria" consider the closure of this center and the visit to the other QMF of the capital a challenge.

Isuf Ahmeti told KosovaPress that due to his age and the frequent movement of cars, it will be difficult for him to visit the capital's other CMFs.

In fact, he expresses skepticism that the renovation process will be completed within three months as promised, until he shows that he was not informed about this decision of the municipality.  

Also, Bajram Çitaku mentions that he was not informed about the closure of the Family Medicine Center in his neighborhood, which took place on June 3.

Not receiving services due to renovation for three months, Çitaku considers it a great loss for the citizens.

Shaban Kolaj says that due to his advanced age, he needs to visit the doctor more often, while he hopes that the repair of this center will be done as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, regarding this issue, the director of Health in the Municipality of Pristina, Izet Sadiku, says that the closure of the QMF in "Kalabri" was due to the need for renovation.

For KosovaPress, Sadiku mentions that the works can last up to three months.

He says that the purpose of this action was to create more favorable conditions for the work staff and the patients themselves.

Citizens of "Calabria" can visit and receive medical services at all Family Medicine Centers in the capital.

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