Musliu: The arrest of Djukanovic, an open blow to Montenegrin citizenship
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The Hybrid War in the Western Balkans is also hitting Montenegro hard, overturning the geopolitical order in this region in favor of Russia and Serbia, writes the director of the Octopus Institute, Agim Musliu.

In an editorial, Musliu emphasizes that the last two elections in Montenegro were enough to completely change the political structure in this country from pro-Western to pro-Russian and pro-Serbian.

According to him, the peak of the change in the political course of Montenegro seems to be marked by the arrest of the former president and former prime minister Millo Djukanovic.

"The arrest of Djukanović is expected to be one of those blows that will deal an open blow to the citizenship of Montenegro, tarnishing the process of independence and membership in NATO... Since 1995, Djukanović has built strong ties with the West, particularly with the US, culminating in Montenegro's declaration of independence in 2006 and NATO membership in 2017. Djukanović's possible arrest follows the arrests of known anti-Russian and anti-Serbian figures, including Milivoje Katnić, Sasha Čagjenović, and "Veselin Velovic. Katniq, former prosecutor in the case of the assassination of Djukanovic, had come to the conclusion that a group of Russian nationalists planned to assassinate the prime minister in order to bring an opposition party to power," writes Musliu.

Among other things, Musliu points out that the last census in Montenegro may change the ethnic balance, as the Russian-Serbian influence may have pushed many Montenegrins to declare themselves as Serbs.

This, according to him, can transform Montenegro into a state similar to North Macedonia, with federalization like Bosnia and Herzegovina, creating an association for Serbs with executive powers, organizing a referendum that allows pro-Serb municipalities and pro - the Russians to declare independence or return to Serbia, and in the most extreme scenario, the change in geopolitical circumstances and the balance of forces that produces the annexation of the country by Serbia.

The expert on security issues, Agim Musliu, says that the West's illusions that the "policy of peace" towards Serbia can return the latter to the Western orbit, are producing a counter-effect as in the case of Hitler and Putin.

"Peace towards Serbia is strengthening the influence of China and Russia in the Balkans until we can reach a point where the West will be powerless to protect the entire Rimland and a part of it in the Balkans I will leave in the hands of Russia and here it is successfully realized Russkiy Mir (Russian World) and Srpski Svet (Serbian World)", he says among other things.

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