Smoking Molotov cocktails at the opposition protest in Tirana
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The Alliance for the Protection of the Theater, the Reestablishment of the Democratic Party group and the Freedom Party held today the next protest in front of the municipality of Tirana.

The protest, the eighth during these months, started with the throwing of Molotov cocktails and smoke bombs by the protesters. The town hall building, as during any protest, is surrounded by the police force to prevent the protesters from entering the town hall.

From the throwing of Molotov cocktails, the fire engulfed the entrance of the town hall. The police intervened and managed to extinguish the fire at the main entrance of the building.

The protests were called after the arrest by order of SPAK of some former directors of this municipality. Citizens and representatives of the opposition participate in the protest, who demand the resignation of the mayor Erjon Veliaj, after the arrests of some former officials of this institution.

The member of the chairmanship of the Reestablishment of the Democratic Party, Belind Kelliçi, said that very soon he will submit two more names to SPAK, administrators of two former municipalities, Arben Maloku of Zall Herit and Kujtim Qefalia of Dajti.

"We have sent them to SPAK, they are part of the 5D file. This material is also being prepared to be deposited soon in SPAK", said Kelliçi.

"We often hear that people say that the opposition has problems with justice, but we are the ones who have encouraged SPAK, filing reports to reveal the truth", said Kelliçi, while declaring that they will not withdraw until reaching the objective that was set he says it is "the departure of Veliaj".

The head of FRPD, Besart Xhaferri, in his speech at the protest, said that there are two sides of Albanians, those who go to the protest and those who sleep and do not join the protest.

"What are you waiting for, for your children to run away? Be inspired by the heroes of the Spaç revolt", said Xhaferri.

The State Police has taken organizational and operational measures to guarantee public order and security during the development of this rally.

In implementation of the plan of measures, the State Police, from 09:30 onwards, has temporarily blocked the circulation of vehicles, on the main Boulevard near the Municipality of Tirana. /atsh/

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