Shakes the Industry: ISP Broadcast with new standards, introduces Wifi 7G
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1 months ago
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The leading company in internet and television services in Kosovo, ISP Broadcast, owned by Qendrim Kryeziu, is participating in the prestigious ANGA COM fair. With a distinguished history of innovation, ISP Broadcast once again brings innovations that are expected to change the 'landscape' of telecommunications.

"We have already managed to bring this technology to Kosovo, the necessary equipment for installation will begin their function in Pristina from next week. However, this is only a revealed part of the many innovation plans that citizens will experience through ISP Broadcast", said the owner Qendrim Kryeziu.

In 2023, ISP Broadcast took a big step forward by introducing the revolutionary 6G technology, which put the company in a leading position in the Internet and television services market. This technology offered unprecedented speed and capacity, making ISP Broadcast synonymous with quality and technological excellence.

In 2024, ISP Broadcast is the main contender to bring 7G Wifi, which will be launched from September. This step represents another giant leap in wireless connectivity, promising even higher speeds, stability and expanded network capacity. Wifi 7G is expected to revolutionize the way people connect and communicate, setting a new standard for the industry.

ANGA COM is one of the most important events in the field of telecommunications, and ISP Broadcast's participation in this fair confirms its key role in driving technological innovation. Owner Qendrim Kryeziu and his team are dedicated to continuously bring advanced solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.

With these great strides forward, ISP Broadcast continues to demonstrate that it is a leading force in transforming the global telecommunications landscape.

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