Nagavci: It is an urgent need to approve the new UP statute as soon as possible
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1 months ago
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The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavaci, has asked to approve the new charter of the "Hasan" Public University Prishtina", to pave the way for very important changes in universities, since according to her, this is an urgent need for improving the performance of higher education.

At the meeting of the Education Committee, where the Government's decision to approve the new UP Statute was reviewed, Nagavci said that the statute brings a multitude of decisions and reforms that will directly affect the improvement of the quality of work of the University of Pristina.

Meanwhile, the Rector of the UP, Qerim Qerimi added that there was a broad consensus that the statute needs to be changed, as a result of the operational practice of competitions in a row, the successive problems that he has observed as an institution.

The deputy from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Ardian Kastrati on behalf of the PDK continued that they will be against changing the name of the UP, who said angrily that it would be better if the Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Sveçla, to change the name of the UP in Mitrovica, which is illegal within the Republic of Kosovo, and to remove its sign.

Likewise, the deputy from LDK, Vlora Dumoshi, has emphasized that every government that comes opens the way to change the names and remove the national names from the institutions, therefore a decision must be made because according to her, this is regrettable.

Meanwhile, Minister Nagavci, asked by LDK MP Dumoshi if she is about changing the name of UP, replied that there is no discussion or dilemma on this matter.

Regarding this issue, the Foundation "Hasan Prishtina", before the commission for education starts, has organized a peaceful rally, in front of the Assembly of Kosovo, to oppose the removal of the name of the National Hero Hasan Prishtina from the University of Pristina "Hasan Prishtina". /A. saddle/

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