PDK: Corruption in the Kurti Government, the headline of the DASH report on Kosovo
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The latest report of the US Department of State on Kosovo has been received with concern by the Democratic Party of Kosovo.

The largest opposition entity estimates that the last report of DASh for Kosovo exposes the incompetence and extreme failure of the Kurti Government in all areas.

Blerta Deliu-Kodra, deputy of this subject, said that the findings of the report prove that Kosovo has been led by a corrupt Government for four years now.

Deliu-Kodra also mentioned the decisions of the Basic Court against the ministers of the Kurti government.

Deputy Deliu-Kodra emphasized that in recent years Kosovo has suffered a decline in the rankings for media freedom as a result of pressure from Kurti Government officials.

According to her, this overview does not serve the future of Kosovo and its Euro-Atlantic integration.

Meanwhile, the member of the Presidency of the PDK, Përparim Gruda, said that in the Report of the American State Department, the general weakening of the rule of law level and in particular the government's interventions in the justice system are accurately described.

Gruda also mentioned the many problems that Kosovo has with violence against women and domestic violence.

He mentioned that after declaring a day of mourning after the murder of a woman, the Minister of Justice went to campaign for elections in North Macedonia and on her "political excursion" through other European countries, Germany and Sweden.

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