Kurti: The lack of sanctions has encouraged Serbia's aggressiveness
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1 months ago
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Prime Minister Albin Kurti has said that the lack of sanctions has emboldened Serbia's aggressiveness. The head of government qualified the detention of Kosovo police officers and other citizens at the border points with Serbia as the actions of a mafia state. Demanding the immediate release of the deputy director of the Kosovo Police, Dejan Jankovic, Kurti said that he hopes that now a new stage will begin where Kosovo proves to be a democratic state, while Serbia is an authoritarian and mafia country.

Kurti, at the press conference after the government meeting on Thursday, said that Serbia, with yesterday's bans, violated human rights, the Brussels agreements and the Berlin Process. Speaking about the dialogue with Serbia, Kurti said that with these actions the Brussels Basic Agreement and the Ohrid annex are being called into question.

On the other hand, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Jelal Sveçla, said that yesterday around 1500 Kosovar citizens were detained and mistreated at the border points with Serbia. According to him, they were interrogated about their past and connections with the KLA. He said that out of ten detained policemen, nine of them have been released, meanwhile, the deputy director of the Kosovo Police, Dejan Jankovic, has been sent to custody in Raska.

Asked if the Kosovo Police will intervene in the opening of voting centers in the four northern municipalities, Sveçla said that they will support any decision of the CEC.

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