Population census in the north, the majority of Serbs against
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The majority of Serbian citizens from the north of the country have expressed their opposition to participating in the population census process that will be held in Kosovo from April 5 to May 17, 2024.

The KosovaPress team, almost throughout the day, tried to talk with Serbian citizens about this topic, but there were few who answered, because the vast majority of them refused to speak publicly, while behind the camera they expressed different opinions. such as 'I don't want to register with the Albanians', 'I will participate in the registration organized by Serbia', 'I don't want to please Kurt' and the like.

Nenad Trifunovic, a citizen from the north of Mitrovica, said that the population of this part has great distrust towards the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, so he doubts that there will be a population census in the north.

According to him, such a process can be held when a political agreement is reached between Kosovo and Serbia, although he expressed skepticism about this issue as well.

Even Darko Popovic, another citizen from this part of the city of Mitrovica, spoke against his participation in this process, even if he is punished with a fine.

Meanwhile, the analyst from the north, Branislav Kërstiq, informed KosovaPress that the majority of Serbs are almost in a state of lethargy and collective depression.

Being aware of the punishments, he added that the majority will not respond to the process, except for those who do not have property in Serbia, as well as those who are willing to live in the state of Kosovo.

On the other hand, Hazbije Qeriqi, spokeswoman for the Kosovo Statistics Agency (ASK), told KosovaPress over the phone that there is no indication, at least so far, that the process may fail.

According to her, all preparations throughout the country, including the north, are going according to plan and without any problems.

She emphasized the significant number of Serbian citizens who have expressed interest in joining KAS teams in this process.

Otherwise, the last census of the population in Kosovo was done in 2011, where from this process the total number of inhabitants in Kosovo is estimated to be around 1.8 million. This census did not include residents of municipalities with a Serbian majority in the north of Kosovo, as at that time they had rejected the process./A.Damati/

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