Serwer: The US should favor its friends in the Balkans, Serbia does not secede from Russia
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The American professor, Daniel Serwer, reacted after the threats of the president of Serbia, Alexander Vuçiq to the West, appealing to the US to favor its friends in the Balkans, as it emphasizes that Serbia will not secede from Russia. This is what Serwer says in an article after the praise that the American ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, has given him for the cooperation with the Serbian army. He also gave the reasons for Serbia's cooperation with the US and NATO, which he says serve its interests and those of Moscow.

"The US ambassador in Belgrade has praised cooperation with the Serbian Army even as the president of Serbia makes clear his intention to invade Kosovo at a time of his choosing. How can both be true? No puzzle of big. Serbia cooperates with US and NATO exercises for two reasons. First, they provide good training, which the Russians are unable to match. The performance of the Russian military in Ukraine has improved, but its losses are simply colossal. No one would want to imitate them. Second, NATO exercises provide excellent opportunities to gather intelligence. This will serve well in any Serbian military action against NATO-led forces in Kosovo Belgrade, without a doubt, also returns this intelligence to Moscow," writes Serwer.

As he says, only slightly more difficult to understand is the reference to the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) as the KLA (or Kosovo Liberation Army). "The KLA was demobilized after the 1999 war. The KSF that exists today is the result of American and British training and the equipping of several generations of organization and personnel left by the KLA. The American ambassador in Belgrade knows this very well. . His reference to the KLA is meant to signal that he agrees with the Serbian government that the KSF is illegitimate." According to him, Washington should reconsider its long efforts to judge Vuçiq and the West should oppose Russian and Serbian ethno-territorial ambitions, not encourage them.

"This caress to Vuçiq it has become default behavior in Belgrade. The question is why it is tolerated in Washington. I think there is a reason. But they are unlikely to be good. No amount of slapping will change Belgrade's decision to align itself with Russia. Vuçiq has made it clear that he intends to take back a part of Kosovo whenever he gets the chance. Any deal in Ukraine to hand over territory to Russia will provide this opportunity... It could go on, but you get the point. American policy must return to favoring its friends in the Balkans and against its enemies. This should not be too difficult to do. Double the success, not the failure," he continues. The American professor emphasizes that there are several things that must be done, which he lists as follows.

"First, prioritizing justice, preferably in Kosovo, for the organizers and perpetrators of the September 24 terrorist incident that Belgrade sponsored inside Kosovo. The second would be to ensure that Prishtina to get the support it needs not only for membership in the Council of Europe and relief from the outdated and counterproductive "consequences" of the EU, but also for opening negotiations for NATO membership. The third would be the willingness to denounce any fraud in preparation for the next iteration of the Belgrade elections." Meanwhile, he also included in his writing the quote of the civil society activist, Kaltrina Kamberi, that she made to Hill's statement. "Kaltrina Kamberi (@ThisisKaltri) transcribes the main part of this as: 'Of course you know that we work every day with the Serbian army. We had training, we had a number of things with the Serbian army. So I'm not sure that we can I accept the premise of the question, because we are doing a lot more together now than with the KLA or whatever came of them.' 24 hours after signing the security agreement with Russia, Vuçiq of Serbia announces that they will occupy Kosovo at the moment of their choice."

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