The happiest countries in Europe
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If you thought happiness was immeasurable, you were wrong. An initiative undertaken by the UN has several metrics to assess the happiness of people living in different countries.

To our surprise, the first 10 positions are occupied by the Nordic countries, but we will specifically talk about the first 7 here.

1. Finland

The Finns have retained their position for the third year this time. It has the highest education system in the entire world, which is occasionally surpassed by Japan, South Korea and Singapore. The main reason for their solid education system is the respect for teachers who focus primarily on equal opportunity and experiential learning rather than quantitative testing.

2. Denmark

Denmark has maintained its position and tops almost every metric in the UN happiness index. In addition to regular measures of trust in government, social security, work-life balance, welfare measures and more, the Danish people have many other reasons to be happy. They have the most bike-friendly city in the world; they have a gorgeous coastline that you could spend a lifetime exploring; they are strongly committed to renewable energy sources.

3. Switzerland

It has been a good year for the Swiss as they moved up three places. They have an unparalleled sense of ownership for their country as direct democracy has taken root in this country. Small issues like installing a new traffic light in the neighborhood to national policies like the number of immigrants to be allowed in each year are decided by referendums many times a year. Such a sense of participation in the welfare of their country has made them contented and happy.

4. Iceland

Despite facing economic hardship after the 2007 financial crisis, most Icelanders lean on and support each other during difficult times. They seek help from their fellow citizens and stick together, highlighting the strength of their community in overcoming challenges.

5. Norway

In Norway the government has provided a well-integrated welfare system in an active economy, which is really based on the management of natural resources. Trust in government, economic self-sufficiency, and social support all affect the happiness index.

6 Holland

You will be surprised to know that even Dutch children are happy, as proven by a UNICEF report from 2013. The educational standards of well-being, health and safety for children in this country are worth following.

7. Sweden

Sweden ranks seventh this year in the happiness index. One reason for the happy Swedes is the overemphasis they place on social equality which is a key component of their education system from the kindergarten level.

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