"Travel Weekly": Albania among Mediterranean destinations
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Some people just love to travel. This does not mean drinking limoncello in an Italian cafe or enjoying the sun in Mauritius, but the act of traveling, sitting on trains, buses or boats and watching the scenery pass by, writes in an article in the English daily "travelweekly". .uk".

I traveled from London to Tirana for a new expedition to Albania last month, passing through France and Italy, with overnight stops in Chambéry, Turin and Bari, before boarding a ship for the Albanian coast in Durrës. conveys atsh, broadcasts KosovaPress.

The trip included stops in lesser-known locations rather than major transport hubs or overcrowded tourist destinations such as Paris or Milan.

That's how I ended up in Chambéry, with its charming bars and divinely scented patisseries.

In Turin, I booked a two-hour walking tour from the Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista and Porta Palatino through the back streets to the Mercato Centrale where fascinating facts about the city's history are told.

I prepared for the eight-hour rail journey between Turin and Bari the next day.

There is something exciting about getting on a big ship to another country, like Albania.

Despite the industrial port in the foreground, Durrës and its backdrop of folding mountains looked amazing in the morning light.

Arrival in Albania

After arriving in Tirana, I set out to explore the monumental Skënderbej square, learn about Albanian history at the National Museum and catch the sunset from the Pyramid of Tirana.

It may have taken me five days to reach the capital, but after seeing the changing landscapes and sampling the variety of cuisine and culture along the way, I relaxed into vacation mode and my mind was open to the serenity of adventure.

Stable Albania

In the past year, Albania has gone from an under-the-radar destination to a hot vacation choice.

The 12-day itinerary included the Divjakë-Karavasta National Park. This natural marine lagoon is home to the Dalmatian pelican, an endangered species, as well as greater flamingos and thousands of other bird species.

We crossed the waterways in a small speedboat early in the morning, and then cycled 12 miles along the strip of land between the lagoon and the sea, in time for a home-cooked lunch at the Adriatic family's apartment.

In Tragjas we climbed the mountain as the sun was setting and arrived at the shepherds' hut, belonging to Sofo and Dhurata, who welcomed us with brandy made with cinnamon, honey and sweets.

As dusk receded, Sofo and Dhurata served us grilled goat, eggplant, peppers and freshly made cheeses for dinner, and homemade brandy.

We spent the last day exploring the 'city of a thousand windows', Berat, known for its tall Ottoman houses.

Why should you visit Albania?

❂ Albania is an affordable destination. Dinner for two including drinks costs 20-25 pounds.

❂ It offers many activities for active travelers, from hiking opportunities in spectacular mountains to Kayaking in crystal clear rivers and lakes.

❂ History buffs will enjoy learning about the country's past, which includes the ancient Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines and, more recently, the Communists.

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