Çeku talks about the national stadium, has two words for Lladrovci
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Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MKRS), Hajrulla Çeku at today's press conference he also spoke about the issue of the construction of the national stadium as well as the construction and renovation of 27 stadiums in Kosovo.

Çeku announced that the renovation and construction of 27 stadiums in Kosovo is expected to be completed by 2028, as fulfillment of obligations towards the Mediterranean Games.Prishtina 20230", but also as an obligation to the local sports community, reports KosovaPress.

"That stadium will be built in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, it will be used by Kosovo athletes, by Kosovo sports fans, so it will serve all of Kosovo. I do not believe that such an important project should be turned into a local battle or of different areas, because it will be the public property of everyone, of our state and all the citizens of Kosovo. We have already signed a memorandum of cooperation with 16 mayors of municipalities and with the Kosovo Football Federation for these 27 stadiums of different categories, from local stadiums and auxiliary fields to the National Stadium for a period up to 2028 as well as fulfilling the obligations towards the Mediterranean Games but also as an obligation we have towards the football sports community in our country, and together with the mayors of the municipalities we are committed to making these decisions together", said Çeku.

Further, Çeku he also had two words for the mayor of Drenas, Ramiz Lladrovci, since the latter has said that there is no one to remove the construction of the national stadium from his municipality. Çeku said that he does not believe that such a large and serious project should be turned into a public battle with motives of personal or political gain.

"I don't believe that a project so big, so serious, so necessary for our athletes and our football, first of all, was meant to turn into a battle... or any public confrontation, if someone sees this with motives of personal gain , political and other, I believe that it harms such a big commitment. We are also in coordination with the Minister of Finance for the budget needed for sports infrastructure in general, football in particular, because football benefits the most, it is the most widespread and popular sport in our country, but also other sports, because we have taken big commitments and international obligations, but we also have a very ambitious program to consolidate the entire football and sports infrastructure in our country. I also invite Mr. Lladrovci and all the mayors of the municipalities to adhere to the obligations arising from that memorandum of cooperation because there the responsibilities, tasks, way forward are specified, everyone will benefit, but if someone wants other benefits of the type political, personal promotion can do it, I will not enter into that battle, because we have a much bigger battle, that is the infrastructure and development of sports in Kosovo", he said Çeku.

The infrastructure that will be built within these five years and the organization of the Mediterranean Games, according to Çekut, will serve for exceptional promotion of Kosovo athletes in the international arena.

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