Abazović after the terrorist attack in the north: Tragedy, try reconciliation
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8 months ago
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The Prime Minister in charge of Montenegro, Dritan Abazović, has reacted after the attacks in the north of Kosovo, where police sergeant Afrim Bunjaku was killed by Serbian terrorists. He said that this was a tragedy, while appealing to Kosovo and Serbia to try reconciliation.

In an appearance for the media, Abazović said the situation on Sunday could easily turn into a bigger conflict, which would have great consequences.

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Despite the fact that terrorists killed police sergeant Afrim Bunjaku and attacked the Kosovo Police, Abazović thinks that reconciliation is the solution.

"Tragedy and the continuation of a catastrophic Balkan policy... We think that the politics of the 1990s must end. So, the peoples in these lands have tried everything but reconciliation, that's why my appeal is both in relation to the Serbian people and in relation to the Albanian people, finally try reconciliation once. You have tried everything, try to agree, I believe you will all like it", he said.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the sergeant of the Kosovo Police, Afrim Bunjaku, was killed, while other policemen were also injured. The serious event took place in the village of Banjské in Zveçan, where Serbian terrorists attacked the police patrol, and then took refuge in the Monastery of Banjské.


According to official information, three attackers were killed while six people were arrested. During the action, the Kosovo Police found an arsenal of weapons of different calibers, explosives, ammunition and logistics capable of equipping hundreds of people.

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