Artmotion offers the service for protection against cyber attacks - DDoS
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Artmotion brings to its portfolio the newest product related to cyber security and the handling of cyber incidents on the network, thus offering the best solution on the market for the safest and most qualitative communication through the Internet.

This new product, which is offered as a service to customers mainly businesses, banks, institutions, organizations, is a product confirmed as the best on the market in the early prevention of a cyber attack against the specific destination as well as in the direct handling of the cyber incident .

The cooperation of Artmotion with internationally renowned companies shows the seriousness with which Artmotion has approached this problem in order to offer the best customer service.

This service/product is in use by many countries in the EU and all over the world and has been proven in practice to be very effective in stopping cyberattacks on networks, not diverting traffic to another server or network, not stopping service to the client and being very transparent and in accordance with the laws and regulations for handling internet traffic

The service is offered to clients, mainly B2B, but can also be offered to individuals, in accordance with the conditions and agreement with Artmotion.

The key advantage of this service is that it is offered to the customer without the need to install additional equipment, so it supports all routers that are on the market and is easily installed by the professional team of Artmotion, and then, if desired, it can be administered in collaboration with the IT staff. of the client through the portal that provides access to monitor the client's traffic.

The platform offers different forms of monthly or timed reports, and can be interfaced with the client's current system via API.

For more information on how to have the service and product for protection from cyber attacks, contact at [email protected], or call 0820020600.

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