Afrim Bunjaku is buried, the leaders of the state exalt his figure
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Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku was buried today (Monday) in the cemetery of the village of Samadrexhe in Vushtrri with high state honors and ceremonies. Many family members, citizens, state leaders, members of the government cabinet, deputies and foreign ambassadors have participated in the funeral of the deceased, who was killed yesterday in the line of duty in the village of Banjské in Zveçan.

President Vjosa Osmani stated that Afrim Bunjaku made the most sublime sacrifice in defense of the homeland, where he proved that the state needs to be its guardian more than ever.

"As we bid farewell to the hero Afrim Bunjaku, we must draw attention to his courage and selflessness, which he showed throughout his career. Afrimi is the personification of the patriot and the professional, who from 2001 wore the uniform of the Kosovo Police, until his heroic fall in the line of duty, proved to be a greatotskindness towards the Republic. His confrontation with Serbian-led terrorists was his last battle, but not his end. From today, Afrimi is the hero of every Albanian, of every citizen who loves the Republic of Kosovo. Because yesterday he defended the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our state, he defended the dignity of our state", declared Osmani.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti also said that Sergeant Bunjaku died heroically to protect the peace and security of the country.

"Afrim Bunjaku was shot and killed on a moonlit night, while he was performing his duty together with his colleagues who were wounded in that case. In the hours that followed during the day of September 24, the circumstances and perpetrators of this criminal and terrorist act were illuminated under the light of the sun. They were enlightened by Afrim's colleagues, members of the Kosovo Police who reacted with the highest professionalism. They did their duty, they honored Afrimi, they honored all of us and the Republic of Kosovo. Every minute of a long day they enforced the law and protected the territory, kept order and protected the citizens. For peace surely, for all with each. The resignation of sergeant Afrim Bunjaku, wearing the uniform of the Kosovo Police, is a sacrifice in Kosovo's battle for law and constitutionality, for justice and for rights for all citizens of Kosovo without distinction", said Kurti.

He emphasized that yesterday national security was endangered and violated.

"Yesterday, state sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security were not only endangered, but also violated. Today, before Afrim Bunjaku is buried as a hero, let the portrait and profile of Afrim be engraved in our photographic memory and in our collective memory, as the face of a hero and the work of a martyr. Near Afrimi, far from crime", he added.

Meanwhile, the son of Afrim Bunjaku's grandmother, the policeman killed in the north, Arton Bunjaku said that for them it is a great pain, but at the same time also a source of pride.

"It is a great pain for us, but at the same time it is also a moment of pride. But we accept condolences from all the people, regardless of their party affiliation, religion or any other affiliation. This is the best proof of how we manage to be unified in the most difficult and decisive moments for the family, but also for the country," said Bunjaku.

Speaker Glauk Konjufca said that the hero Afrim Bunjaku fell heroically yesterday like his predecessors, defending Kosovo.

"The day of September 24 will be marked in the history of Kosovo, as the day when Afrim Bunjaku fell a martyr and became the hero of Kosovo to raise our state. Afrim Bunjaku took charge as a worthy officer of the republic in defense of the freedom, independence and sovereignty of our republic. Yesterday, the day of... for family and friends, for fellow villagers and all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, is also the day when the name of Afrim Bunjak was exalted. Sergeant Bunjaku yesterday defended Kosovo with his life, while from today his fall will inspire generations on how to defend the homeland. Yesterday was a difficult day for Kosovo and for democracy and for peace in the region. Serbia once again attacked the sovereign and independent state of Kosovo for paramilitary terrorist structures", concluded Konjufca.

According to him, even after the war, Kosovo continues to protect the country's freedom and independence with the blood of martyrs and heroes. Also, Speaker Konjufca said that yesterday it was proven that Serbia has not changed and remains aggressive towards Kosovo.

At the funeral ceremony, the director of the Kosovo Police, Gazmend Hoxha, said that today it is difficult to separate from Afrimi, who gave his life for peace and security.

"Sergeant Afrimi fell heroically in the line of duty in the north of Kosovo yesterday. He was killed in an ambush organized by terrorist and criminal groups. Sergeant Afrimi, the youngest hero of Kosovo, gave his life defending the constitutional order, security and sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo. Today is a very, very difficult day for us and for you, because we are saying goodbye to a parent, husband, brother, friend and colleague, who gave his life for the peace and security of all the citizens of Kosovo", he said. he.

From Samadrexha of Vushtrri, he informed the criminal and terrorist groups that the hand of the state will fight them mercilessly.

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, awarded the order "Hero of Kosovo" to the policeman killed by Serbian terrorists, Afrim Bunjaku. He was killed in the early hours of Sunday by Serbian terrorist groups.
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