Qalaj: It remains for the Kosovo Police to investigate the placement of terrorists in the monastery
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9 months ago
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Yesterday, the Kosovo Police gave an example of how to react in such situations, says the former director of this institution, Rashit Qalaj, while commenting on Sunday's developments in the north of the country. After four Serb attackers were killed and six others were arrested, Qalaj assesses that the Kosovo Police has reacted with caution while stressing that there should be an investigation into the placement of terrorists in the monastery.

A group of Serbian terrorists attacked the Kosovo Police in the village of Banjské in Zveçan on Sunday. In this attack, policeman Afrim Bunjaku lost his life and several other Kosovo Police officers were injured.

There were clashes on Sunday even after the terrorists settled in the monastery, and so far it is known that four attackers were killed and six people were arrested.

"With the fact that the criminal group, the terrorist group entered the monastery, it entered with a purpose, we don't have proper information but we can assume whatever it is the police reacted carefully, let's not forget that the reaction of the monastery is quite sensitive and dangerous. Let's not forget that there were civilians, pilgrims who came to visit the monastery, whether there was any cooperation remains part of the investigations to be carried out by the Kosovo Police", says Qalaj.

Qalaj says that the arrest of the terrorists is a message to all those who launch attacks by the police.

The Deputy of the Committee for Security and Defense Affairs says that the Kosovo Police should deal with such cases and if necessary, they should receive the support of international institutions.

He estimates that the Kosovo Police should not be limited in its actions.

The former director of the Kosovo Police says that this institution has faced various risks, but according to him, this is the first time they have carried out such an operation.

The operation of the Kosovo Police to find the attackers is continuing./A. Drenica

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