Kurti: Nothing can be the same, the facts came out to see the truth of the region
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Institutional leaders in Kosovo have honored the heroic deed of the policeman Afrim Bunjaku, who was killed yesterday during a terrorist attack in the village of Banjské in Zveçan. At the commemorative meeting in honor of Bunjak, it was said that he fell in defense of order, law, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Kosovo. It was said there that from yesterday nothing can be the same, as the facts about the truth of the Balkan region came out.

President Vjosa Osmani said that Bunjaku sacrificed his life for the safety of all citizens of Kosovo. Therefore, she shared the order "Hero of Kosovo", post-mortem, which was accepted by the two sons of the deceased.

"He defended order, law, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo, defended the dignity of our Republic. Therefore, today, on behalf of the citizens, I will post-mortem award the highest order of the Republic, 'Hero of Kosovo'. From today, our country has another hero, one more memory for someone who with professionalism and dedication dedicated himself to the defense of the Republic, for which he fell in charge", she said.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, said that nothing can be the same since yesterday, as the facts came out quickly to see the truth of the Balkan region.

"Since yesterday, nothing can be the same anymore, as the facts came out right in front of us in our eyes and in the eyes of the international community, as well as in the eyes of everyone who has the courage and will to see the truth of the region we live in," emphasized Kurti.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Xelal Sveçla said that the pain of the fall of sergeant Afrim Bunjaku will serve as a guide for the rule of law in every corner of the territory of Kosovo.

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Emotional in front of those present was the daughter of the deceased, Arbenita Bunjaku, who expressed her pride for her father's heroism.

On the other hand, Avni Behrami, a colleague of the murdered policeman Afrim Bunjaku, disclosed details of the critical night when the latter fell in defense of the rule of law in Kosovo.

In the early hours of the morning on Sunday, the sergeant of the Kosovo Police, Afrim Bunjaku, was killed, while other policemen were injured. The serious incident took place in the village of Banjské in Zveçan, where Serbian terrorists attacked the police patrol.

 According to official information, three attackers were killed while six people were arrested. Meanwhile, in Banjska Monastery, the Kosovo Police found an arsenal of weapons. The institutions of Kosovo have stated that the action in search of the attackers is continuing.

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